Our group has been present on the Polish market for over 75 years, always relying solely on Polish capital. A group that grew in strength and from the beginning proposed pioneering solutions, in the spirit of social responsibility. Many years of experience have allowed us to develop the best practices and build an excellent staff passing on their experience to the next generations of managers and employees.

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It is valid for Polish market only. The base amount is PLN 2,237.59 per month (PLN 5,504.52 x 40.65%). You make payments to the appropriate bank account number and submit the monthly declaration DEK-I-0 and the annual declaration DEK-R. Pursuant to the Act on Corporate Income Tax, Art. 16 section 1 point 36 contributions to PFRON are not considered tax deductible costs.


ŚWIT, having the status of a Protected Employment Enterprise, offers each company a solution that combines the purchase of its products and services with a reduction in obligatory contributions to PFRON Fund. More than 50% of the amount of each invoice issued by ŚWIT can be deducted from the obligatory contributions to PFRON. Unused tax credits from a given month are transferred to the next settlement periods and may be settled over a period of 12 months. The condition is the timely payment of the amount due and the receipt of a certificate of the amount of the reduction, which ŚWIT transfers to the buyer each time. If the amount of the reduction exceeds the value of the service provided or 80% of the monthly payment to the Fund to which the buyer is obliged, then the difference is credited towards the reduction in payments in the following months.

Legal basis (valid for Polish market):
Act of 27 August 1997 on vocational and social rehabilitation and employment of disabled people.
Act of February 15, 1992 on corporate income tax.
The Act of October 29, 2010 amending the Act on Vocational and Social Rehabilitation and Employment of Disabled Persons and Certain Acts.

Świt Group

The ŚWIT Group is one of the largest and fastest growing manufacturer of cosmetics and household chemicals on Polish market with an an established 75-year tradition. The group consists of dynamically developing entities: Świt Pharma serving clients orders of cosmetics and household chemicals across four continents, Świt Cooperative offering production, logistic, leasing services and GP Plast manufacturing plastic packaging. We are headquartered in Warsaw, Poland. Our two factories are located in Halinów and Morąg (Poland).


For over 75 years we have been producing cosmetics for face and body care as well as household chemicals. The company’s portfolio includes brands such as CleanHans, Exclusive Cosmetics Aube, Majesty, Pharmadin, Prestige Solutions and many others. ŚWIT products are known and appreciated both in Poland and on foreign markets. The company is a laureate of such awards as: Consumer’s Laurel – Discovery of the Year 2013 and 2015, Excellence of the Year 2013, PEDI Award 2013, Art Of Packaging 2014, International Paper Packaging Stars 2016, Influencer’s Top 2019.


We focus on development and innovation. The company has a well-equipped, modern machine park, laboratory facilities with a research and development department and a design studio. In 2016, the company expanded the scope of production thanks to the purchase of one of the most modern cosmetics and chemicals factories in Poland. It operates in accordance with the ISO 9001 and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards, i.e. a system of procedures that guarantee the highest quality and purity of products and ensure full control over the origin of raw materials.


Our beginnings date back to 1944, when our first plant was established in Warsaw. Many years of experience have allowed us to develop the best practices and build an excellent staff that passes their experiences to the next generations. We look to the future and focus on further development – both in terms of know-how, modern technological facilities and ethical standards of running a business. Thanks to this, we are able to offer fully professional services in a wide range, in the spirit of social responsibility.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Today, ŚWIT Cooperative employs nearly 700 employees, of which approx. 90% are disabled people. In addition to professional activation, we run a Rehabilitation Clinic, which provides basic medical care and rehabilitation treatment, including physiotherapy and preventive examinations in the field of occupational medicine. We have patient clubs, a centre for the integration of disabled people, where we organize rehabilitation stays, individual rehabilitation programs, and provide individual assistance to the disabled.


In 1944, a group of 15 people, mainly war invalids, founded the ŚWIT Cooperative and launched the first production of tooth powder based on mint oil. From the very beginning, it employs people with disabilities, also providing them with support in the field of housing adaptation, removing architectural barriers and equipping apartments with specialized equipment. It organizes sports events, including sea cruises and international tournaments in various sports disciplines practiced by disabled people.